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Midwest Joint Pain Institute, SC
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Introducing the Midwest Joint Pain Institute,SC!

CPMR is excited to introduce Midwest Joint Pain Institute,SC, the forefront of the future in regenerative medicine. We focus on natural and non-surgical approach to restore function and quality of life to our patients without undergoing surgery. Midwest Joint Pain Institute offers cutting edge, minimally invasive regenerative therapy procedures to help patients with knee, hip, shoulder, and back pain.Each treatment maintains minimal risk, with the possibility of providing repair and healing of injured tendons, ligaments, cartilage and muscle.

PRP, Prolotherapy and bone marrow stem cell treatments are currently being used in treating a variety of medical conditions and many studies are showing its significant healing potentials with minimal side effects thus far with continued and promising success with many patients. When appropriate, stem cell therapy may be a better option than surgery for many patients.

We are proud to announce that our 2 research abstracts on regenerative therapies were selected to be presented at American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehab. Annual National Assembly held at Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO on October 12-15, 2017. Please click the link below.

We are also pleased to announce that we are opening a new location at 411 Maxine Dr., Morton, IL.