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Yibing Li, MD

Dr. Yibing Li, the founder and medical director of CPMR (Center for Pain Management and Rehab, S.C and Midwest Joint Pain Institute, SC), is an interventional physiatrist and a Regenerative Medicine specialist.

She is American board certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. She is also the first certified physician in central Illinois to perform painless neurosensory testing with Neural-Scan, the most cutting edge technology for pain fiber diagnosis.

She earned her BS/MD degree at Shenyang Medical College in China. After she graduated from Brody School of Medicine, East Carolina University as a medical intern, she completed her PM&&R (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) residency at renowned Washington University School of Medicine/Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, MO, USA. She worked as an interventional physiatrist at Unitypoint Methodist Medical Center prior to opening her own private practice in Peoria, IL.

Dr. Li has special clinical interests in the most advanced, cutting edge regenerative therapies, such as stem cell therapy, PRP (platelet rich plasma), PRF (platelet rich fibrin) bio-cellular injections and prolotherapy, to help people naturally restore functions and heal the root causes of the pain from sport injuries, arthritis, without surgery or downtime. She has extensive experiences in performing electrodiagnostic studies and interventional pain management procedures. She works very closely with primary care physicians, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, chiropractors, and other healthcare professionals in the area.

Dr Li and her team are among the frontiers nationally and internationally for regenerative medicine to treat chronic musculosketetal and joint pain. They are not only excellent clinicians but also very active medical researchers and educators. Dr Li was an invited speaker for the 9th World Annual Conference on Stem Cell Therapy and regenerative Medicine in September 2017 at Berlin, Germany. They have multiple research abstracts selected for presentations at both national and international medical conferences.

  1. Li Y, etc, Comprehensive Regenerative Therapies with Human Amniotic Allograft Derived Cells, Platelet Rich Plasma with A Series of Prolotherapy to Treat Joint Pain and All Degrees of Osteoarthritis: Preliminary Findings from A Clinical Study of 128 Patients: research abstract selected to for poster presentation at AAPMR (American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) Annual Assembly in Denver, CO on 10/13-10/14, 2017 and 9th World Annual Conference on Stem cell and Regenerative Medicine, Sept 25-26, 2017, Berlin, Germany.
  2. Li Y, etc, Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulder Rotator Cuff Tear: A Case Report, Poster Presentation at 9th World Annual Conference on Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, Sept 25-26, 2017, Berlin, Germany.
  3. Li Y, etc, Comprehensive Regenerative Therapies with Bone Marrow Stem Cell, PRP and Dextrose Prolotheraphy to Treat Severe Degree of Osteoarthritis, selected for oral presentation at 9th World Annual Conference on Stem cell and Regenerative Medicine in Berlin, Germany and oster presentation at AAPMR National Annual Assembly in Denver, CO in 2017.

Dr. Yibing Li, MD
Natural Healing with PRP and Prolotherapy

A Naturally, Non-Surgical Approach to heal tendon and ligament injuries

Professional Associations:

  • American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • American Association of Sensory Medicine
  • American Medical Association (AMA)
  • American Board Certifications:
    • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
    • Small Fiber Nerve Conduction Studies

Ji Li, MD

Dr. Ji Li is a fellowship trained and American board-certified Interventional Pain Specialist and Anesthesiologist.

He obtained a medical degree from the Capital Medical University in Beijing, China in 1983. He continued advanced studies and research in Neurosurgery for three years.

Dr. Ji Li relocated to the United States in 1986. He attended the University of Chicago to complete a MS Degree in Pharmacology and Physiology. His internship in Internal Medicine was completed at SUNY in Brooklyn, New York. His residency training in anesthesiology was completed at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. He also completed Fellowship training in Interventional Pain Management within the same Mount Sinai Medical Center program.

He has been practicing Interventional Pain Management in Central Illinois since 1998. He uses multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to help patients reduce their pain and restore functions.

Dr. Ji Li is also specialized in advanced pain interventions that include:

  • Spinal cord stimulator implantation
  • Peripheral nerve stimulator implantation
  • Intrathecal pump implantation
  • Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty
  • Radiofrequency ablation of peripheral nerves
  • Diagnostic discography at the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine levels
  • Peripheral nerve blocks of chest & abdomen
  • Sympathetic nerve blocks

Dr. Ji Li, MD

Dr Jeremy Calame PT, DPT

Undergraduate: Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, University of South Florida, 2006 Graduate: Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of South Florida, 2010

Jeremy has been practicing physical therapy since 2010, but the pursuit of his career began in the 6 th grade. As long as he can remember, he has always had a passion to help people and enjoys science, medicine and sports which is a perfect combination for his occupation.

He knew that physical therapy was his calling and loves being an integral part in making a positive impact on his patient’s functionality.

He enjoys staying updated with research articles and utilizes evidence based interventions to aide his patient’s recovery through a caring, compassionate, and empathetic delivery. Jeremy believes in the art of physical healing through a hands-on approach and incorporates his manual therapy skills into his patient’s rehabilitation. He has completed several manual therapy training courses and utilizes the Maitland physiotherapy approach.

As a therapist, he has the privilege of treating patients in the orthopaedic and Men’s Health population. He began his career training along side orthopaedic surgeons and sports medicine physicians, and along the way has rehabilitated a wide range of a patients including several professional and collegiate athletes, industrial work force and geriatric populations.

He also specializes in the area of Men’s Health and is avid on breaking the stigma associated with their hesitance to access healthcare. Common male issues he treats can include erectile dysfunction, low back pain, pelvic pain, painful ejaculation and/or premature ejaculation, post-prostate and/or hernia surgery, incontinence, non-bacterial prostatitis, and genital pain.

His work history includes having managed an outpatient clinic and lead Industrial Specialist for the Central Illinois market. He has extensive experience with the Worker’s Compensation population including acute care treatment, Work Conditioning/Hardening, performing Functional Capacity Evaluations and is a certified ergonomic assessment specialist (CEAS-I).

When not practicing physical therapy, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, being active with his church, watching sports, traveling, and exercising.

Dr. Jeremy Calame PT, DPT

Khara Celia, LPTA

Khara is a licensed physical therapist assistant and has had 18 years of experience in several different areas of therapy: Orthopedics, Skilled Nursing Facility and Hospital.

Khara has become very compassionate about helping others, of all ages, feel and live better lives. Her best qualities are manuel techniques from massage to traction and occipital releases and creating individual exercise programs to best fit each patient and their recovery.

Khara enjoys helping patients analyze their daily activities and change habits to decrease their pain and better their lives and recovery.

When not practicing Physical Therapy, she enjoys spending time with her husband and four beautiful children. She enjoys taking trips with her family, involved in church and loves reading and cooking.

Khara Celia, LPTA