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Looking for alternative to knee replacement surgery? Here's the answer.

Regenerative Therapies (RT) include a spectrum of the most advanced therapeutic techniques used to repair, regrow our body's injured or damaged tissues, organs, and especially tendons, ligaments, joints, cartilages and muscles. The goal of RT is to naturally treat and heal the root cause of the painful conditions rather than masking the symptoms. RT can maximize our own body's natural capacity to heal the pain and injuries.

Numerous medical research studies have proved these cutting-edge medical breakthrough treatments, such as prolotherapy, PRP or platelet rich plasma injections, bio-cellular allograft tissue matrix therapy, stem cell therapy, etc, are highly effective for treating osteoarthritis, sport injuries and etc. In fact, they are by far the only medical treatments to promote natural healing and provide permanent pain relief without surgeries or to depend on long-term narcotics use.

Before & After Regenerative Therapy
Note the "bone touching bone" before is alleviated after RT
Below are our results:

So far from September 2015 to May 2016, we have seen 76 patients and performed in office procedures of Regenerative Therapies, such as prolotherapy, PRP and allograft tissue matrix injections on 100 joints. Majority of these patients were told to need total joint replacement surgery after the failure of traditional conservative treatments, such as cortisone injections or hyaluronic acid injections and physical therapy, NSAIDs. The patients ranged from ages 36-92, weighing 115-385 lbs., from moderate to bone-on-bone arthritis. Most of the patients, about two-thirds, have severe arthritis or worse. Of the 100 joints, about 80% consisted of knees, including 16 bilateral knee patients, followed by shoulders, hips and ankles. Currently, of the patients we have seen in follow-ups, 72% have had 50-100% improvement,17% have had 20-50% improvement and 9% have experienced less than 20% subjective improvement, in terms of pain reduction and functional score.

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Expected Cost

Cost varies, depending on the number and the anatomical location of the injections you receive.

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Expected Recovery Time

The majority of patients find that recovery is fast and they are back to their normal activities quickly!

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Expected Benefits

PRP is a safe, non-surgical procedure that can stimulate healing and help eliminate acute and chronic pain.